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7 Best WordPress Auction Themes for 2020

Auctions are great — they allow you to sell unique and great products in an environment, where the winner is the best bid out there. Ever thought of creating a WordPress auction theme that can help you to sell the unique collection of yours? Or becoming an auctioneer to sell unique items from the different part of the World. Keep reading to learn more about the best WordPress auction themes.

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The reason Auctions are great, as they help to ward off items with no owner, sell pre-historic items and moreover provides the buyers an equal chance to grab the item without any bias of any sort. I love auctions, and if you are looking to open up an Auction website using WordPress, then you are in luck. There are tons and tons of the best Auction WordPress themes that can help you get started. But, wait, are you confused choosing the best WordPress Auction Theme for your project? The huge number of themes available making you confused?

Best WordPress Auction Themes for Building the Next eBay

Have you been searching for the best WordPress auction themes? Look no more because you are in the right hands. Using the appropriate theme, you can change your simple site into a cash-generating machine. With the help of the best plugin, you can build a medium auction website and create huge competition on eBay. Below, we have listed for you the best WordPress auction themes which you can get on the market.

Guidelines You Can Use When Starting an Auction Website

Before downloading and installing the best WordPress auction themes, you will require a WordPress site.

WordPress sites come in two forms, these are

  1. WordPress.org- this is a self-hosted site
  2. WordPress.com-this is a hosted site

You will use wordpress.org for all your needs. You can look out our posts if you have burning questions concerning the two websites.

For running a perfect auction website, you will require an SSL certificate, Webhosting and domain name.

The domain name is the address of your site online, such as IsLtWP.Com or google.com, it is also called a URL. Web hosting is the method used for storing your files on the web. Therefore, if your house address is your domain name, then your house is web hosting.

On the other hand, an SSL certificate secures your domain name and enables you to secretly receive payments online.

After the installation of the SSL certificate on your website, the URL of your site will no longer be prefixed with HTTP. From that point, it will be prefixed with https. Moreover, a tiny icon with a green padlock will be displayed before https giving your visitors assurance that they are on a safe connection.

The cost of web hosting, SSL certificate, and a domain name, is expensive. And because of this, we have joined hands with Bluehost which provides free domain name for IsLtWP readers.

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Don’t worry as we go through some of the best WordPress auction themes that can be used to kickstart your WordPress website. These templates come with all the features that makes your website successful. Moreover, the themes are highly customizable and can be used to transform any website design idea into reality.

Let’s list the Best WordPress Auction Themes and Plugins.

1. Auction Press

Best WordPress Auction Themes

Looking for an all-in-one package to get started with the Auction website. Then the Auction Press is for you. It offers rich features out of the box and can easily be setup using the one-click installer.

The theme offers bidding history, member profiles, trust indicators and more. The theme offers both free and paid models.

The only cons is the price, it costs more than the average auction theme out there. The cost of the theme is $79.

Full Details and Downloads | Demo

2. Auction Theme

SiteMile Auction Theme

Auction is dubbed as one of the best Auction WordPress themes out there. According to the developers, the theme can be turned into an Auction theme with the help of one switch. The transition is fast and saves tons of time.

On the other hand, the theme is responsive, supports both front-end and back-end such as multiple payment gateways, auction bidders and more.

Features of auction WordPress theme includes auction post, auction tools, plug and play and more. With this theme, you can start and earn without any limitations. The code quality of the theme is great and is completely SEO friendly.

Full Details and Download | Demo

3. Penny Auction Theme

Penny WordPress Theme

An excellent choice for any entrepreneur to start working on their Auction WordPress website with the help of this great WordPress auction theme. The Penny Auction Theme comes with all the necessary features that will help you setup your website in no time.

The theme features plug and play, Blog support, auction tools, payment gateway and more.

Full Details and Download | Demo

4. Bingo

Bingo Auction WP Theme

Bingo WordPress theme is a modern Auction WordPress Theme that has the right features to make things work for your Auction website. It offers modern design, drag and drop builder, WooCommerce ready, amazing shortcodes and more.

Moreover, the theme is WPML compatible, meaning that it can be served in different languages. The most important part of the theme is the integration of Woo Commerce so that you can easily get started with auctioning items.

WordPress Auction Plugins 2019

WordPress Auction Plugins also plays a significant role in creating the best WordPress Auction themes out there. We list both premium and free auction plugins.

1. Ultimate Auction Plugin

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

Looking for a free plugin that can help you setup your Auction website? Then, Ultimate Auction plugin is for you. The plugin offers an easy way to setup a professional looking WordPress auction website.

The plugin works on the same path as that of eBay and can be used flexibly with a set of plugins. The plugin can also be easily configured and have great support.

The free version consists of features such as placing bids by registered users, ajax admin panel, buy now option, showing auctions according to the time zone and more.

The paid version contains more advanced features and is highly recommended for anyone who is serious to implement the Auction website.

Full Details and Downloads

2. WP Auctions

WP Auctions Plugin

Auctions require completely different functionality. The WP Auctions plugins from the developers Mojo redefines the way we approach the Auctions problem. The plugin can be used on any self-hosted WordPress blog. And, if you are thinking about connecting the plugin to the currency system, then the plugin will do it. It supports PayPal.

The plugin also offers other features such as payment systems, email notifications and more.

3. Auction Plugin

best WordPress Auctions themes

SiteMile is popular for their WordPress auction themes and for any reason if you are not interested in buying their themes, you have another option to get started with their auction plugin that integrates auction features in your WordPress website.

The auction plugin helps you integrate powerful action system into your website. It offers tons of features in your websites. Some of the features are credit panel, credit system, full control, multi-currency, advanced payment options, unlimited support, Google Maps and more.

If you are looking to rate your auctions that this plugin also supports an amazing rating system so that users can rate the auction and help refine the whole system.

The plugin works great with any theme out there and is tried and tested by the SiteMile.

Wrap Up

Auctions are an integral part of our lives. They provide the most necessary platform to sell the unique items with both historical and geographical importance. Without Auctions, it would be tough to sell items with equal opportunity to the buyers.

WordPress Auction themes that we have discussed the right set of functionality and features that needs to be present in the auction website. The hand-picked auction website will help you improve your visibility and improve traction with the right set of features and functionality.

Think, I missed an amazing Auction WordPress Theme? Comment below and let us know.

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