13 Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets for 2021

Let me present to you the best WordPress weather forecast plugins for 2021. You just need to go through the list, and you’ll not only find their names but also their individual details and links from where you can get them installed.

Most of the plugins will be from the WordPress.org directory that can be installed by searching from within the dashboard area. These plugins will provide a simple solution as well as an interface through which you’ll be able to add weather related functionalities onto your website.

By reading this article, you’ll find solutions that can help you add widgets to the sidebar or footer area of your WordPress driven website.

Operating a venue can be hard to deal with at times because the weather can have a huge negative impact on the day to day operations of your business. For hotels with patios, wedding destinations, and even gold courses, bad weather can negatively affect attendance.

It is for this reason that you should consider adding visually attractive and impressive WordPress weather forecast plugins on your WordPress site to allow your prospects to know what weather they can expect when they visit your venue.

While were don’t have any power against Mother Nature, there is a perfect way through which you and your clients can make plans around it.

The WordPress weather forecast plugins listed here will allow you to perfectly integrate the upcoming weather forecast showcase on your site to ensure everyone is well informed about the weather then.

Find some of the best WordPress plugins built by our top experts. With an affordable one-time payment, you can buy any of these top-notch WordPress plugins.

The following are some of the best WordPress plugins available at 85ideas for 2021.

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Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins

Finding a better solution on your own may be trouble because you won’t be aware of where to find their details, actual reviews, and recommendations. So here I got everything for you. I’ll let you know the names of recommended weather plugins for WordPress along with their related details. Let us begin with the list below.


#1 WP Weather

WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins

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Welcome to our first solution which is a premium one that will cost $20. As a premium widget, you get access to unique features like smart responsive design, sunrise and sunset time details, translation ready, retina display support, OpenWeatherMap API support, 5 unique design for weather states and widgets and visual composer.

With all these features, WP Weather can really bring a unique change in the way you may have been displaying weather to your users till now. It comes with its own widgets that are super easy to install and use along with Shortcodes to implement any specific requirement instantly.

Being responsive to design, WP Weather can work on different devices with different display sizes without any issues at all. It comes with simple and understandable visual control panel that makes the whole process of its setup pretty smooth. With different design layouts, you can even change the whole layout anytime you wish to.

#2 Simple Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget

Weather WordPress Shortcode Widget

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Our next plugin that I recommend you consider trying is priced at $19. You can view its demo if you wish to see how it works before actually buying and will get free upgrades in the near future as well as dedicated support. After all, it’s available at the official CodeCanyon directory which is itself a known player in the industry and hub of great WordPress related resources.

It is easy to customize and supports widgets along with normal code embedding formula to add 7 days of Forecast. You can of course decide what elements of weather forecasts to include and in addition, it delivers information based on user’s actual location which is known by his IP address.

The goodies aren’t over yet. You can set it in 17 different languages and set custom date formats. With unlimited color options and support for WordPress localization, Simple Weather is truly one of the best to have if you are looking for WordPress weather forecast plugins. If you’re wondering what weather source the plugin uses for weather related information, it’s OpenWeatherMap.org.

#3 wp-forecast

WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins

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If you’re looking for most popular but free solution then wp-forecast is the recommended one you’ll find almost in every such list over the web. It is available in the official WordPress weather forecast plugins directory and all I can say is that it will perform almost every functionality you may or may not want to use.

The plugin can forecast days, detect wind speed, metric or American measures compatible, can detect user location and serve weather report of nearest town and along all these it can even let you know day and night time details. It displays data from AccuWeather which is solely the most trusted player in this niche.

Shortly after installation you can add widgets or even embed code manually. You can even use it to add a weather report anywhere over the WordPress driven website. It is compatible with latest version of WordPress script and I’m sure you’ll love the whole product.


#4 Weather Atlas Widget

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Weather Atlas Widget is slightly different from the others mentioned on this page because it displays the weather forecast in real-time with smart and simple intuitive design. It can easily be edited while you view your site live to see current conditions hourly or get long-term forecasts. Getting started with this program couldn’t be easier as you simply copy and paste the shortcode into the widget area and then start editing.

Unlike the National Weather service alert, you can use this plugin regardless of what country you are currently located and has multiple supported languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German). Another positive of this plugin is that background color automatically adjusts to current temperature, but can also be set to a fixed color if desired. Even text color can be changed to automatically choose a color with the best contrast for the background.


#5 Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget Plugin

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As the name suggests, it simply adds a widget that can be added on sidebar or footer area. Once added, it will crack user’s location from his IP address and then display weather forecast and related data of his nearest location in the town. It brings a lot of tools which can help you deal with the customization requirements.

Also, it is translation ready and supports most popular foreign languages. It can help you customize the data according to degree unit (among F or C) and maximum days of which data is needed to be fetched. Another area where it is really awesome is the design which is really cool and elegant. Please note that although this is a free plugin it uses a freemium model meaning you get the basic version for free and then you can pay a bit more to unlock the premium version.


#6 Synopter – Weather for Elementor


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National Weather service update as the name suggests is a WordPress plug-in which displays for National alerts on your side by the widget area. The information is pulled directly from alert.weather.gov so the information your visitors are receiving is super accurate and trustworthy.

The type of alerts this plug-in will display includes:

  • A high wind warning
  • Dust warning
  • Freezing temperature warning
  • Blizzard warning
  • Tornado, flash flooding and so on.

The information is delivered to the users in a visually appealing way using a Google Map overlay to show the affected area. If you live in the United States this plug-in might just be what you are looking for. Unfortunately, you’ll have to try one of the other plugins featured on this page if you are located in another country because national weather service alert only supports visitors in the United States.

#7 Weather Underground

Weather Underground Plugin

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This is our next free plugin that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress platform and compatible with almost ever known theme and other plugins. It cannot just deliver related information but also the detailed one which you’re allowed to choose and take care of.

The design part throughout the plugin whether at its user interface or at its control panel at Dashboard, you’re going to like everything. It grabs every bit of related information using Wunderground API and 99.99% of the data being reflected is uptime and accurate.

#8 WP SimpleWeather

WP SimpleWeather Plugin

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Last but not the least, with over thousands of downloads and maximum five stars in every review, WP SimpleWeather is another great plugin which can be useful for your site. It grabs data from official Yahoo! Weather platform which clearly means that your readers are about to get fresh and accurate data all the time.

It is very simple to use and setup. It simply does what it meant to be i.e. displaying weather reports on the website which are arranged according to real-time location of every reader. So try it out.


#9 Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

This impressive WordPress weather plugin includes everything you may want to find in a perfect weather WordPress plugin. With a solid feature set, multiple styles and sizes and clean lines, the weather widget will look amazing, even when the weather is not.

Astero - weather wordpress plugin

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Additional features of this plugin include:

  • Local cache
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Support over 600 google fonts
  • HTML5 Geolocation with an IP Fallback

#10 Weather for Visual Composer

weather plugin

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Have you ever used WPBakery, this great plugin offers you a very easy to use features to drop into your website. With a modern look and easily customizable design, this add-on is ideal for any website that needs perfectly adding the basic weather functionality.

With the support that is available for 17 different languages, stylish icons and an easy to change Fahrenheit/Celsius setting, this amazing plugin puts lots of focus on quickly accessing the weather data without sacrificing the looks.

#11 Always-Sunny Plugin


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If you are looking for a plugin to generate in-depth weather reports for your WP website, then you should try out the Always Sunny Plugin. It provides an extensive range of data with lots of implementation options for your site’s users in-depth and up to date information.

There are incredible ways through which you can add the Always Sunny Plugin details to your website. It comes with a widget that can be simply inserted into any footer or sidebar. Also, it comes with an embedded shortcode that can be easily added into any part of the site design.

Instead of the usual weather data like temperatures and weather patterns, you can display other weather details like wind patterns and cloud coverage. This makes it an amazing plugin for businesses such as local tourist centers and outdoor leisure facilities to use.


#12 aWeather Forecast

aWeather-Forecast plugin

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For some style when displaying today’s weather in your site, the aWeather-Forecast WordPress plugin is something you should consider. It has an extensive range of animated headers and icons to add some life into your site’s weather forecasting. Also, you can customize the colors of your display in order to perfectly match your present branding.

Also, it’s one of the best WordPress weather widget plugins that offers sufficient weather information. Some of the details that this weather widget plugin for WordPress can display include weather conditions, humidity, pressure, wind direction, and wind speed.

Furthermore, the temperatures can be displayed in different formats including Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit.

#13 Dark Sky Weather Forecast WordPress Plugin


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It’s an incredible WordPress weather widget plugin that offers the cleanest coding for a website. The WordPress weather plugin can help make your site appear more attractive. As a result, you can rest assured that it will display perfectly on any screen size and different devices.

It’s a lightweight and minimalist weather plugin and widget, so, your website’s speed won’t be affected in any way. A premium feature allows users to have a great auto-location for the weather reports and also allows you to hide the current wind speed.

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Over to You

So here we are at the end of our guide and I hope our journey till here brought at least on a solution that is going to help you match all the requirements. Don’t forget to mention which one you finally liked and going to use. Even if you wish to discuss any related topic then our team is always available for that beneath in discussion section. Cheers.




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