7 Useful Free WordPress PDF Plugins

PDF(Portable Document Format) is one of the most convenient format available. PDF are portable in nature(as the name suggest) and can easily be carried due to its small size and universal acceptance by different vendors across the world.

WordPress, on the other hand, is the most used CMS in the world. As a blogger, you might be tempted to host PDF formats for your users. It can be a guide, How-To or any other useful blog post. The user would love to download long blog post in the PDF format so that they can easily print it out and read it offline.

Many users also have KINDLE and they always prefer to read the PDF format. The Plugins also enable visitors to convert the blog post into PDF format and perfect for reading in Kindle and other portable devices.

WordPress offers amazing free WordPress PDF plugins to help bloggers to equip their website with the capability to work with PDF format. Let’s list some of the best free WordPress PDF plugins.

 1. PDF24 Article to PDF

PDF24 Article To PDF Plugin

Converting useful posts to PDF is a feature that most of the popular blogs have. For example, TheNextWeb uses this option for the premium users. But, you don’t have to worry about paying anything for this feature as the PDF24 Article to PDF offers the right amount of juice to convert the blog post into the Pdf format.

The conversion can be done in two ways, the first way is to enter the email address into the address box and the converted pdf will be delivered to your mailbox. The 2nd option is downloading right from the website without entering the email-id. This way, the bloggers can even capture new newsletter signups (by letting the users know what you are up to).

The download Pdf button can be put anywhere into the blog post i.e. right, top, left, bottom. The plugin offers widget so that you can put it in the sidebars.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

2. WP Post to PDF enhanced

WP Post to PDF Enhanced

Another great post/page Pdf converter that do not use any 3rd party converter. It works similarly to PDF24 Article to PDF. This plugin helps webmasters to keep track of the PDF download, by enabling only the registered users to download.

It has tons of features and customizability options. With each section of the page can be customized and rendered differently int the Pdf format. You can also set some information on the website to be not convertible and create a fully customizable PDF format.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

3. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

Running a WooCommerce website? Then Invoicing might need an automated PDF generator. Do not worry as WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. The plugin automatically generated PDF invoices for the customer and comes with the basic template to work with.

More templates are available in their paid WooCommerce plugin, which is not the topic of this post. The PDF invoice is customizable and provides enough options to print and download invoices. Users can also create packing slips from the panel.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

4. Anthologize


If you are thinking to create a personalized e-book surrounding your website, then Anthologize is the plugin for you. This simple open source plugin is one of the popular plugins to completely convert your website into an external e-book. It also supports different types of format such as epub, PDF, and TEI.

The plugin can grab external feeds, internal feeds and can be customized to create a beautiful e-book.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

5. Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print Friendly and PDF Button

Another great plugins for our readers. Print Friendly and PDF Button offers a lot of features. It is easy to sue and manages the content in presentable manner.

The added button adds value to the page and adjusts all the content automatically. There is no need to know coding of any sorts for using the plugin.

The user during the creation of the PDF has the option to remove paragraphs or text or images according to his/her choice — saving ink and space.

The plugin is printer friendly and is perfect for saving pages.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

6. Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF WordPress Plugin

Use Gravity Forms for your website? Then you are in luck. With Gravity PDF, you can easily create PDF of all the data captured using the Gravity Forms.

The only downside of the plugin is that for template customization, you need to know some coding. The plugin offer developer toolkit. The plugin has enough options for creating informational data for other software or creating reports for other people.

With this plugin, you can easily save tons of time and never think of using data entry services for your data.

Full Detail and Download | Demo

7. Embedly

Embedly WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a plugin that can embed different kinds of media including PDF, images, video from any source using URL, then Embedly is the one you should look for.

To overcome the problem of embedding different types of media, it uses Embedly cards, which are good for UI design. This creates a constant look throughout the website over different type of media. You can easily check the card system by going over embed.ly

The integration of the cards is easy as it is available from the post tab after installation.

Full Detail and Download  | Demo

Wrap Up

Free WordPress PDF plugins provides the right choice for bloggers around the world. They can easily upload PDF files to their website and also enables the users to download the best blog posts into their desktop.

The free WordPress PDF plugins is handpicked and will help you create a website that works handsomely with the PDF format.

WordPress has not default handling of PDF format and that’s where the role of the PDF files come into play. The list of plugins will help you and if you think I missed something then do not forget to comment below.


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