5 Useful Guest Blogging Plugins for A WordPress Multi-Authored Blog

When you find success in building an authority blog with millions of page views every month, then you’ll start receiving lots of guest posting requests. Publishing a post on any other blog for the sake of visibility and traffic in return (also a backlink) is termed as Guest Blogging and its benefits are golden. Now once you start receiving such requests on a bulk, then it won’t be that easy for you to manage this extra workload. So to create a streamline system you should be using a guest blogging plugin. I’m enlisting here must have guest blogging plugins for WordPress that you’ll find helpful.

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Last year, Google trashed a lot of website setups which just exist to promote guest blogging but not for the goodness of information sharing. Rather they were there to play the bad backlink related games that Google never supported. So to trash all such practices which were going on and hurting user experience, Google diminished the level of golden effects guest blogging once had. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all gone.

There are still a lot of benefits which are ready to be served through the mean of this practice but the prime motive must be to share information throughout the internet rather than posting cheap quality content for the sake of backlinks.

If you’re having good level of SEO knowledge then I can feel that you had understood what exactly I’m trying to conclude above. So let us come back to the actual reason of writing this, guide and hereby I’m starting with the mentioning of best guest blogging WordPress plugins.

Must Have Guest Blogging Plugins for WordPress

Using any of these plugins are going to save a lot of time on daily basis which is being wasted due to poor management of requests and related work. These plugins are developed to create a logical and streamline way of performing all the related work and thus save a lot of time. Since you’re doing everything through a well developed and running system so managing the whole stressful work gets easier and little comfy.

#1 Simple Author Box Pro

Simple Author Box ProWhether you often have guest posters on your blog, or you simply have more authors working on one article, you need to credit them properly. With Simple Author Box Pro, you can do so quickly and easily.

Simple Author Box Pro allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your WordPress and add a customizable responsive author box on whichever posts you want. Furthermore, the box will display the author’s name, avatar, description, and more.

The author boxes you set up with this plugin can be customized to your liking, meaning you can decide on the color scheme, font size, and font style, as well as where you want to put it exactly. In addition, you have the option to decide how the links will behave, either open in a new tab or apply the nofollow attribute.

#2 Peter’s Collaboration Emails

Peters Collaboration Emails

I’m adding it on top because it’s available at free of cost and that too on legit WordPress official plugin store. Once you’ve created different accounts for different contributors to your blog then this plugin starts working and saving a lot of time at your end.

It simply provides email notification for every single article being added or edited on your blog. It provides required and related links within the email content body and thus you don’t need to keep on checking blog to track down the progress.

It not only provides notifications for owner but also to the contributors about the status of the article they had shared with you. It simply puts in different status for every article which is being submitted by different users or contributors of your blog and every single change log is being mailed instantly.

#3 WordPress Guest Posting Plugin

WordPress Guest Posting Plugin

It’s a premium plugin developed by CodeCanyon developers and you have to pay $18 to get its full version installed at your blog. Being a premium plugin, it offers tons of quality and useful features like user approval, email notifications, user account creation, post price, payment system inclusion, post approval system, in built login system, rich text editor, front end posting, etc.

So if you don’t want to provide the contributor to get into WordPress Dashboard area then no need to worry as this plugin can help you create a separate platform for such users where they got enough tools to create a new post, add media files and proceed with saving it to be approved by admin later.

It supports certain foreign languages as well and provides an in built payment gateway which is another great tool to be included that saves precious time. You can also get a free demo from its official webpage.

#4 Peter’s Post Notes

Peters Post Notes Plugin

It’s another useful plugin that supports the first one added in the list here and it’s available for free again. It simply puts in a note system on every post which is being created by any user on the website. Now these notes provide an information to the user whether he had followed every required step while creating and saving a new post or not.

If a particular post is skipped or forgotten then it simply provides a notification on the sidebar asking the post creator to look into that matter. For example, if you forget to add an image to a post then a note will appear asking the post creator to add image into the post. So this is how you can put mandatory fields which will be visible to every new contributor and they had to follow them.

#5 WangGuard

WangGuard WordPress Plugins

If your blog is highly authority then you must be receiving even hundreds of guest blogging request on daily basis. Now instead of asking articles to be published via mail or from any other source its easy and manageable to directly ask the person to create a new user account as contributor on your WordPress blog and submit his/her post.

But through this way you also open a gate which can be traced by spammers and you start finding that lots of spam posts are added by new spam users registered. So instead of closing this simple and manageable way, start using WangGuard plugin.

It provides an active shield against user registration and if any new user being register is anyhow representing any sort of spam then the whole registration process will drop down for that particular user or robot. More or less, it works like Akismet plugin and thus can stop tons of spam registration on daily basis.

Even if a new user which had registered and added a spam article to your blog then you can report that new user with a single click adding that user details into the WangGuard’s spam database and simultaneously deleting his post support to your blog.

Wrap up

Start installing any one plugin out of the list being shared above and we hope that you get benefits which you’re looking at. If you need help deciding on the best plugin, we highly recommend you try out Simple Author Box Pro.

If we can help you with any other related assistance then simply let us know via the discussion section beneath this guide. Peace.

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