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15 Best WordPress User Feedback Plugins 2021

Looking for the best WordPress User Feedback Plugins? ✓ Click here for the best 15+ WordPress User Feedback Plugins. Choose a minimalist, creative, innovative & Fresh Design now! Also, we have listed the best free WordPress form plugin.

This is all going to bring tons of benefits to your beloved WordPress driven website or blog which you wish create millions of money from. It’s for this reason that there are multiple examples of websites powered by WordPress. Maybe you’re just doing it for charity but still you wish to grab as many readers as possible. One simple and very basic way to reach that dream is by offering high user experience.

These WordPress User Feedback Plugins will simply add a form kind of thing where users can input their thoughts about various aspects of your website, which will be wrapped up and shipped right at your door.

One simple way to do that is by adding a separate page named ‘Tips Us’ or anything else you wish, and add a Contact page there. This is how you won’t be needing any special plugin to pin a User Feedback section. So this was the simple solution without using any user feedback plugin for WordPress.

WordPress is by far the most renowned content management system (CMS) available with close to 75 million websites. The most amazing thing about WordPress is that it is a great open-source software that offers more than 53,000 different plugins that provide users with a chance to extend the performance of their websites. The WordPress survey plugins can range anywhere from landing pages and SEO to caching tools and social media integration. Nevertheless, many identifiable WordPress User Feedback Plugins are a perfect element to kick start your client feedback program.

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WordPress User Feedback Plugins to Gather User Feedback

The user feedback plugins are perfect for WordPress users that are looking to acquire feedback forms operational on their websites in the shortest time possible. The most important thing is, if you have ever searched for the “user feedback” in the WordPress plugin library, you will probably be aware of the fact that most users will opt to click on the pages that emerge on top in the search results.

Here are the best WordPress plugins to gather user feedback we recommend you to try using but don’t install each of them. Check individual plugin’s features and functionalities and then match them up with the one you wish to add on. So let’s begin with the list.

#1 eForm Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager

WP Form Builder Feedback plugin

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Online demo, admin demo, tutorials and support center are the prime highlights of this plugin. It can deliver an easy to use yet powerful control panel to add any kind of feedback form. It is priced $29 and covers features like Standalone form pages builder. Others include embed code, pretty URL support, drag and drop forms builder. Not to mention, survey analytics, Ajax and jQuery powered tools, proper user management with registration, notification center, edit submissions, conditional logic, user portal, image slideshow, etc.

The list of features is long and it is really a powerful tool (you should check out its demo on its landing page). Yes, it does support high-resolution screen and consist of very neat and elegant looking design visuals. Highly recommended!


#2 Procodder Post Feedback – WordPress Plugin

procodder wordpress feedback plugin

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It’s a Laravel powered premium solution offering cool and powerful layouts to gather user feedback and even a custom built forum management system with a plethora of options. You need to pay $20 for it and it will bring features like Posts lock, highly customizable (create new pages and feedback system functions), powerful admin panel, and site-wide avatars.

#3 HappyForms

happyforms wordpress feedback plugin

Especially when it comes to the free solution in this niche then HappyForms is one of the most recommended solutions. Over 10k+ websites are already using it and most users are happy with its performance. It comes with features like drag and drop form builder, Google ReCaptcha spam prevention, and over 50 style controls built-in.

It adds an interactive way to gather user feedback offering you a lot of tools to customize the whole feedback page. The whole package around the form builder is another reason behind its trending popularity.

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#4 WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin

WordPress Feedback Plugin

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An Open-source solution for which you just need to pay one-time fee (Yes, a PAID plugin) and then you can use it for lifetime. The graphical skin and layouts offered are cute and elegant enough to grab user’s attention pretty easily. You’re allowed to choose between different sets of feedback forms allowed to add on your blog.

Its feature list consist of custom button and widget styles and compatibility, open and closing animations, customizable colors and pictures, categories and jQuery and Ajax powered interface. You should check it out its demo, I’m sure you’ll like it.


#5 WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification

WebEngage user Feedback Plugin

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A free plugin that offers a long list of features and can really be the one you’re looking for. Since you don’t need to pay any price so you must try it out once (at least on your demo website). It covers features like cross-browser compatibility, high-performance code, push notifications on the website, regular email notifications, customizable feedback form, post-specific vote options freedom of placement and statistics. It can even help you run and manage short surveys.


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#6 Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact form

Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback

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Sixth premium solution on this list is priced $20 and it covers features like responsive, translatable ready, highly configurable, automatic updates, 100% compatibility with WordPress and any theme, localization ready, built-in categories for feedback, etc.

If you run a lot of WordPress driven websites then this WordPress questionnaire plugin can help you because of its multi-site feature. It offers easy to installation and setup feature that clearly means that get ready to avail high quality user experience. See its demo to look around its graphical performance and look.

#7 JotForm Feedback Button

JotForm Feedback Button plugin

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The last option we got here is available without any cost and is recommended by each and every user in past. It can simply add different buttons on your WordPress driven blog using which users can open feedback forms to submit their thoughts comfortably. It includes a web-based WYSIWYG form builder along with a drag and drop interface which clearly means that you will find everything inside, cool and easy to use.

#8 Mopinion

Mopinion feedback form plugin

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Mopinion is a great feedback form plugin that allows users to get suggestions, compliments, and bugs and gather visual feedback on certain page elements. All this is possible when a visitor clicks on the feedback tab which is visible on your website. We have a feedback form that is completely customizable, which means that users can easily add or change feedback questions, add their logo or design, pick their language and set up icons for actions like the exit intent.

After the feedback has been collected, it is immediately availed on the personal Mopinion account which is created after the plugin has been downloaded. On the other hand, users can receive feedback responses directly in their emails.

#9 Ninja Plugin

ninja feedback wordpress plugin

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This is a great plugin for beginners. It has a user-friendly drag & a drop form creator which allows users to build complex forms. There is no coding that is required. Also, there are no limits to the number of forms that can be created or the number of fields that needs to be added to the form. The coolest thing about these ninja form plugins is the fact that you can shoot the users a message or choose to redirect them to another part of the website after they have finished filling the form.

#10 JotForm

feedback plugin

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The JotForm feedback allows you to request feedback on your site through the personalized button. Also, you can create your forms and after you have started using the plugin, the feedback button will be visible on different pages of your website. Also, you can utilize this great plugin to create 100 form submissions every month. In case you expect additional form submissions, you can choose to upgrade to another premium version.

#11 CaptainForm

user feedback plugin

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CaptainForm is a great form builder WordPress plugin that comes with a very easy to use drag and drop interface. Users can use the WordPress feedback plugin to create different types of forms, including feedback forms, contact forms, application forms, payment forms, and order forms. Each of these forms is easy to customize and the form editor provides over 25 field types. The users can establish the plugin so that many people can easily receive the form submission alerts. After the data has been collected, users can easily sort, filter and evaluate the data or choose to export it to the PDF, Excel, and CSV.

#12 CBX Feedback

feedback form plugin

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CBX feedback is one of the best WordPress User Feedback Plugins that offers users a simple vertical button that can be used for feedback. In itself, the feedback button is 100% customizable, since it allows you to pick your hover color, text, background color, and many others. With this free version, you can easily create a single button. Nevertheless, if you choose to upgrade to the PRO, you will have unlimited access to many buttons, form support, and others.

#13 WordPress User Feedback

WordPress-User-Feedback plugin

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WP Comment Designer is a popular drag & drop form builder that allows you to create payment forms, subscription forms, and other forms. The WordPress feedback form plugin is 100% responsive and fully optimized for speed. Since the form fields are fully customizable, the plugin can also be used for user feedback. It offers a very impressive and extensive list of features including Campaign Monitor forms, Spam Protection, AWeber forms, MailChimp forms, File Uploads, and more.

#14 Form Maker by WD


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We strongly recommend Form Maker for WordPress novices and also advanced users. The user feedback WordPress plugin offers a clean, visual form editor toolbox, no programming skills are needed. This includes an infinite number of online applications, registrations, surveys & Questionnaires, forms, and more. Moreover, this package includes different pre-installed template forms that users can easily customize. The results may be easily viewed in the exported XML or CSV files.

#15 Was This Helpful WordPress Plugin


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Helpful is an easy to use and helpful feedback form plugin. Essentially, it’s placed under asks visitors and posts, “Was this Helpful?” with the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer options. The integrated dashboard perfectly visualizes the data thus making the analysis process easier. You can easily customize this form with your CSS in the options panel or choose a WordPress theme from the library.

Choosing The Best User Feedback Plugin

A perfect way to learn how your clients experience your site is to ask them. This is made possible by the best user feedback plugins, but how do you choose the right one for your website.

There are some factors that you should take into consideration. Factors like analysis and reporting, trigger options, customization capabilities, and the level of technical knowledge needed to get your WordPress plugin to gather user feedback up and running.

You will agree with us on the fact that the old fashioned way of receiving feedback from call centers was very time-consuming. The quickest way to install the WordPress feedback plugin on your business site.

Essentially, the WordPress feedback plugins allow the feedback forms on your site through which you can know about the overall view of your clients, suggestions and problems responses directly in your emails.

To help your company out, we have presented an updated selection of the 10 best WordPress User Feedback Plugins.

Remember the rule?

Use as fewer WordPress User Feedback Plugins as you can as they affect the performance. But still the WordPress user feedback plugins.

We strongly hope this article helped you pick the best WordPress plugin to gather user feedback. You should also check out our guides on 10+ Best Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2020 and 12 Best File Management Plugins for WordPress 2020.



Let us hope best for your blog as you’re about to implement user feedback option. It is definitely going to grab reader’s attention, but it is also going to increase work for you. Yes, you need to attend those feedbacks and bring related changes on your blog.

This is just like serving your readers the recipes they love having in brunch. But consider every aspect before bringing any single change. If anything you wish to discuss then our team is always available beneath in discussion area. Good luck.




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