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4 Useful WordPress WYSIWYG editor you should consider using

What You See Is What You Get, this is what you are looking for, i.e. the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. The basic editor that comes with the WordPress by default is pretty powerful and good enough to perform all basic things that are required to run a blog or a website.

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But, still with the increase in technology, there are powerful features coming up which the default editor misses. To ensure the appearance of those features, you need to look for third party add-ons, in case of WordPress, WYSIWYG editor plugins.

I am going to let you know the best options you got along with their individual features. Here I start with the compilation of best WordPress WYSIWYG editors.

#1 Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer

This is the first option we all got which is used by thousands of users around the globe. On its landing page, it is clearly mentioned the number of downloads this plugin got. It is a premium solution that will cost you $33, but it is worth of that every single penny.

Coming to the features, it is responsive and offers a drag and drop page builder. It also allows users to perform edition i.e. frontend and backend editors are supported. Installing it is very simple and just like any other plugin while using any of its functionality is also easy, because of its elegant and simple looking user interface.

The design and styling options offered makes it pretty usable because you have a lot of options to choose among. The plugin is easily extendable, manages CSS easily, works with custom posts, supports almost any WordPress theme, and also allows third party Shortcodes.

Few more features offered are multisite support, instant skin building, object-oriented code, quickly customizable templates, WooCommerce compatible, SEO compatible, Multilingual interface supporting 10+ languages, parallax background and advanced grid and carousel.

It is regularly updated and at this moment, WordPress 4.2 is supported along with all popular web browsers we use. The developer also offers dedicated support. Check out its demo and see it live in action.

Full Details & Download

#2 Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

$25 priced is the next best option we all got. Essential Grid WordPress plugin comes with much-needed features like WPML Multilingual ready, complete responsive design, WPMS Multisite compatibility and easy skin building through its visual editor.

Dedicated support is offered, and the plugin itself comes with proper documentation for future references. You can either create skins or grids then export them to work with any of the WordPress themes you are using. There are tons of skin and grid options already available.

The Grid option offered can support almost any type of Post and thus, you can make it visible over the website without worrying about its compatibility. WooCommerce integration is possible which makes it possible for you to run even an e-commerce platform. Pricing comparisons can be done using tables.

Settings can be imported and exported for easier and future usage. The user interface throughout the editor is pretty simple and elegant enough which makes it work without any issues and look premium.

Full Details & Download

#3 Visual Sidebar Editor for WordPress

Visual Sidebar Editor for WordPress

Above two options were there for heavy customization, but if your requirements are limited, then this is the first plugin you should consider. It is priced only $17 and comes with a visual composer and a TinyMCE editor. Settings or Options can be exported and imported.

The user interface comes with simple and elegant look that makes it further easy for users to get started with it, without needing any dedicated help or looking over a tutorial. The tool also offers revisions, which means that a proper track record is kept for every change you make in the posts.

As the name suggests, it is for the sidebar that are as powerful as the normal post editor. The plugin also supports the native WordPress editor. Shortcodes and add-ons are supported which further indicates that lots of things are now possible to add in the sidebar itself.

#4 Frontend Text Customizer

Frontend Text Customizer

The name itself says a lot about thing about this $18 plugin. Once activated, it can allow you to edit any text that is part of the front end section of your WordPress driven website. By front end section, I mean the website interface that is live for readers.

It allows customization of text that is either present in Menu or a Post title or body or sidebar or footer or anywhere on the website. Once you pick a text to edit, then you will have an RGB HTML5 color picker to choose the color and around 650 fonts to choose the font family from. You can even make the text in bold, italic or underline form.

No single changes done using front-end editor are saved on the original theme code. Thus, your main website is kept secure and unchanged. Cross browser compatibility is taken care of, and an animated history log is also maintained.

No coding knowledge is required to handle and use this plugin for its purpose. Also, the changes are live instantly, and everything is just one click away like delete or save changes. Because of use of AJAX, you don’t even need to reload the page to make the changes live.

Over to you

These are the options you have at the moment. Do let me know whether or not this compilation helped you, and the one editor you have finalized to use. If you can share this helpful stuff with your social media, then it’s going to help many other users who are still thinking that WordPress native editor is the all they have. Peace.

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