7 Best WordPress Banner/Ad Management Plugins (2021)

Once you start running a blog successfully, then next thing to jump in is to use the traffic you’re holding up to fetch money. This is not compulsory to use a specific plugin to hold on to advertisements but using one can help a lot. It can bring down responsibilities that you have otherwise.

I’ll bring in a collection of best WordPress banner design/ad management plugins that you can use right away on your blog. Use one of them and I’m pretty sure that it will help you to handle all the responsibilities you have to display advertisements.

Best WordPress Banner/Ad Management Plugins

Here we start with the list now. Just make sure that the requirement list at your end is ready. Some of these plugins can even help you server advertisement directly which means you need not share the commission part.

#1 OIO Publisher

OIOpublisher Ad Manager

The best software is the one that works on automation, right? OIO Publisher is the first one I can recommend to you or anyone because it can help you set advertisement automatically and you can directly find advertisers within the plugin. It comes with pretty elegant and simply designed a user interface that can help you do everything it can pretty easily.

It can be used for unlimited sites, track clicks and impressions, show default advertisements, unlimited ad zones and even run third-party ad networks. The sales process is automatic which clearly means that the plugin will decide kind of campaign and total time for it to be alive. Once the time is over, the campaign will be over.

All these features are covered up and done automatically but off course as per your requirement inputs. It can let you create and manage campaigns, and it even comes with a built-in affiliate program. So I recommend now you try it (try its demo first), and I’m sure you’ll find all your requirements matched up.

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#2 BuySellAds

Publisher Pro

This is our next premium solution that is going to help you come up with a user interface that can help you and your advertisers to communicate and set things up. Most of the features, it offers it does them at automation which provides the webmaster more time to concentrate on other work rather than managing affiliate work on his own.

The price is costly comparing to above two mentioned, but the standard of features it provides covers that up. It comes with very elegantly designed GUI that can eventually help you handle all the functionalities within. Creating custom units is pretty easy, and it can even let you target specific sections.

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#3 WP Bannerize

WP Bannerize Plugin

Let us start with the first plugin we got here. It feature list comprise of the quick switch button, drag and drop order, managing images, Adobe Flash movies, international language supports (including English, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian, etc.), PHP code and HTML and CSS support.

The UI is pretty simple, but the plugin is yet to be updated to latest version of WordPress script which I suppose won’t take long. The best feature out in this plugin here is that it can provide lots of quality features to help you come up with almost every basic requirement.

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#4 Banner Manager for WordPress

Banner Manager for WordPress

This is another premium solution we got here that can allow you to sell ad space directly to advertisers using its simple to use UI and control panel. It’s totally easy to setup and comes with handy tools like eight preset campaigns along with support for many Shortcodes.

It supports various payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill, etc. along with support for HTML and PHP written codes if they can somehow help you set better advertisements over your website. It can even allow you to set up a signup page especially for advertisers. In short, it does whatever I wrote above at a premium standard.

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#5 Click Missile

Click Missile Ads Plugin

Click Missile is the next option we got which is, of course, a premium one and in spite of being added to the sixth spot here, it’s still great. It provides the easiest way to place specific advertisements at different places around your website. The campaigns can be targeted to specific regions, and it all works to improve the impressions.

One of the best features it provides is that it can support mobile devices and can adjust its code to deliver awesome impression over your readers. The whole tool integrates with Google Analytics and AdSense if you wish to test experiments.

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#6 Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager Plugin

It’s a free plugin that comes with handy features like support for DoubleClick codes for publishers, flexible Ads Zone selector, custom default ad, flexible logic advertisements and a lot of customization options.

The options that are opted to be customized are really big in numbers. You can get statistics of whatever going through the campaigns you set up there and I’m sure you’ll be glad to find so many features in free plugin.

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#7 AdPress

AdPress WordPress Ad Manager

Welcome, our next plugin that is available at a price of $39 and named AdPress. It’s easy to setup and consist of features like PayPal integration, automated selling, localization ready, detailed analytics and fully customizable. It can let you put in Call to Action banners and the tools available within let you do that pretty comfortably.

The analytics part within is really cool as it can help you know whatever clicks or impressions and earning your website is coming with. Users are even allowed to auto approve advertisements when they match specific requirements. It doesn’t provide a single side rather both that means you and both clients got an interface of communication.

Purchase history is kept saved right along with every analytic detail. The whole software package is really cool at what it does and have additional options like ad rotation, import/export settings, internationalization and Admin bar notifications. Try it on your own.


The last thing that I can tell you here is getting a plugin setup won’t help all the way unless you put in real hard work out in content, web design and SEO off course. Good luck.

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